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Hi, ng4h watp3r t3ww?

New look hehehe! oh and MLM final!!!!


Hi there! Yay wa dah tukar background & lagu kt blog hehehehe ok tak ok tak? Well, this is currently my fav song. The first time I heard it, I thought it's Damian & Cameron's original song. Then I searched for the lyrics, then poof! Lagu The Scripts rupanya. They sang it really well though, Damian & Cameron are cute, awesome, cute, sugar, spice & everything nice. Lol I miss watching Powerpuff Girls. (tetibe)

So so so I put this song on repeat for nearly a thousand times (obviously, I'm exaggerating sorry) and can't get this song out of my head! Then I decided to put it on my blog hehehehe. I'm not betraying you Bruno, I have so many celebrity crushes right now but you're still my number one. Break up with Jessica Caban please. Tipu je.

So yesterday I finished reading 2 novels on Wattpad, they're awesome. And now I'm starting to read a new novel, it's a Fanfic and guess what hooligansssss it's Bruno's fanfic!!! Aaaaaa!!!!!! It's based on the song Somewhere In Brooklyn, I just love that song. I use it as my caller ringtone, sometimes I caught my friends singing it when I pick up the phone. Wakaka. Oh teringat lagu ni malon rasanya suruh aku dengar, masa zaman mula-mula kenal Bruno. Terima kasih malon jasamu dihargai, esok belanja watermelon. Tak lawak pun. The fanfic's title is "Trainstop", yeah baby about Bruno and that girl he met at the train stop just like in the song Somewhere In Brooklyn oh yeah, hell yeah baby. The girl in this novel calls him Peter, I'm glad she doesn't call him Gene. It has 20 chapters oh oh I'm gonna finish reading it today, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Okay about Maharaja Lawak Mega!!! Dah final woi! Woi woi woi! Aku rasa Jozan la menang. Antara Jozan/Shiro/Jambu la menang, tapi aku rasa Jozan. Walaupun Zizan sorang je tapi dia boleh perform dow. Mesti susah gilaaaaa nak perform sorang-sorang, but I think Zizan can do it. Go Zizang, go Jozang! Na na na na na ganu kito. Tapi ada gossip kata Johan perform naik wheelchair. Tah, wait & see je la haha. Kalau Boboi menang aku protes habis-habisan, kenapa la Nabil tak masuk sorang je? Tak ngam ah diorang. Kalau Nabil sorang je buat stand-up comedy macam dia selalu buat tu lagi okay. Ek eleh aku bajet juri je hahahaha okay maaf, saya tak beghmaksud nak beghlagak macam jughi. Tapi Lisa Sughihani comel sangat, untung Yusghy dapat isteghi cam dia ;) hahaha

Oh ye & thanks to Syera, dia bagi link untuk check markah koko online :)))

Terima kasih ye terima kasih!!!! Malangnya markah saya "belum dikemaskini" so kena mintak dekat sekolah jugak :(( Thanks anyway hehe ;)

p/s: Demi Lovato will come to Key-elle on 22nd of March!!!! Lovatics must be so happy right now awh when will Bruno come to Malaysia? ;(


Lots of , Affat.

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