your turn.

Hi, ng4h watp3r t3ww?

Happy birthday boyfriend.

Yay it's 8th of October!! Weehuu Happy birthday hubby! OMG OMG Bruno Mars, you're 26 years old now! And 10 days more, I'll be 16. Whoaa how sweet are we?! LOL perasan forever.

Dear hubby *ehem* the first time I saw you, you're on the MV of Nothin' On You. You had that kinda janggut tiga segi hahaha sumpah lawak, that time I belum minat you lagi. But then, I saw your music video of Just The Way You Are. seriously, I'm dead for a few seconds that moment. Hahahaha you hensem ah hensem ah! :D

Okay hubby. Most of the songs I've used on this blog is yours. Count on Me, Nothin On You Solo Remix, and this song pun lagu you, hihihihi I'm such a big fan of yours! My Tumblr followings are mostly your fan clubs, there are a loooooot of your pictures!

Hahahaha rasa gedik ah pulak. Ok, Malay mode = ON.

Hai, Bruno Marikh! LOL menipu gila. Bruno Mars, sorry takde hadiah me no money..... *tsk tsk* But me can give you a virtual gift!! You want or not you want or not?! Here it comesssssss

I buat sendiri tau ni?! Tauuu?! Imma post it on my Tumblr! Miehehehe, beware n_n

Talking bout Tumblr.... I'm not feeling well. Sore throat, demam sikit and batuk. Sepatutnya Najwa, Wahida and me ada group discussion for Biology. But me takleh join :{ Sorry korang! Next Monday tau tau. I'm carrying my tumbler everywhere, even in front of the laptop -___- The antibiotic tastes like hmmm, tak sedap langsung! Dahlah warna pink, geli geli mak okay.

Oh Bruno Mars, ceyy tukar topic balik. "You grew up so fast!" *ehem* I bet your father will say that to ya. "Remember when we had that interview when you were 5?"


LOL too cute!! Your hair OMG your hair!! My nose is bleeding, hahahaha k cute. Stay cute, kaching kaching!!

"And now, you've grown up... into an awesome superhero. A magician? Maybe..."

"Three words for you - DON'T. STOP. SINGING."

"And don't stop.... snapping cool pictures of yourself."


Hey Bruno, there are so many people judging you out there. They say you're not cool with your cigarettes =__=

And I say "Who cares?" LOL.

Peace! Haters gonna hate you see? Just stare at the sky full of lighters. haha

JIWANG MUCH? Leklek, it's just Bruno Mars. Why so serious? Jeng jeng jeng.

EXAM WEEK EXAM WEEK, NOT COOL. READING BOOKS FOR A MONTH? Are you kidding me?! Boleh gila woi!! Imma start studying next week. No, tonight. Eh no, no... Esok lah. Tak sihat lah *coughs* Serious ni tak sihaaaat. I need some rest. Rest = in front of the laptop. Yes, sounds cool.

**Imran Ajmain followed me on Twitter... no actually dia follow semua orang yang follow dia!! Cool huh? No wonder he's so popular, friendly fuh. Keep on rockin! #np-Seribu Tahun hahahahahhahaha peace!!

And Yup, my birthday is on the 18th. Mesti tak ramai yang wish, musim exam. Forever alone.

Lots of , Affat.

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