your turn.

Hi, ng4h watp3r t3ww?

About Affat.

Yeehaw, Affat here. Le real name is Hasnor Farah Fatehah binti Hassim. Hard to remember, eh? That's why I use the name Affat -_-

Die hard fan of Manchester United. Javier Hernandez is my Red Devil. Aku sakit hati gila kalau orang perli aku masa Man Utd kalah match haha hek eleh team kau pun selalu kalah. Oh biasa ah jarang menang pasal tu ah bangga sangat hehe pity you :p

Bruno Mars? My pakwe. Birthday dia 10 years and 10 days before birthday aku. Sweet kan? Sweet cangaaaat ahaha. I'm in the Hooligans team. Yep, Bruno Mars' fan club. Ramai yang cakap aku obsessed dengan Bruno Mars, hell yeah baby. Lagu blog ni pun lagu dia awww best kan best kan? Eheh.

Me? A girl. Born on 18th October '95. Ohyeah muda lagi. The most precious gift - a big, warm, loving, happy family. Aku bukan jenis perempuan yang suka pink and pakai heels. T-shirt and jeans and scarf and a pair of sneakers would be just fine for me. Boyfriend? Haha takde masa. Bruno Mars je ah. LOL. I'm lack of self-confidence, seriously. That one friend always tell me I'm ugly and always make fun of my appearance but that won't affect me. Peace yo bro. My dad always say "don't wrestle with the pig." and I always hold his words. Art and photography is my hobby. Better yet, it'll be my part-time profession one day insyaAllah. :]

My bestie? Izaan Syamim bt Izuddin. A true friend. A true girl LOL dia ni pinky dohhh. Haha love you anyways Syamim.

Princess & me. Aku tak muat frame sebab tinggi sangat Hahahachum.

True friends? All of my friends. "Love you till death" means if one of us dies, the love will end. So, i love you forever and always. Anyonyonyo.

Lots of , Affat.

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